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Budureasca Premium Daphix 2013

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VINEYARD NOTES: In the heart of Dealu Mare, in an area with rolling hills, caressed by the sun, we find the Budureasca vineyards – an ancient place, with deep roots in the history of wine culture. The archaeological evidence found nearby suggests that this place has a particularly rich tradition in wine making since Dacian times. In addition, Budureasca vineyards belong to the “Wine parallel”, being placed on the same geographical coordinates (parallel 44° – 46°) as the finest wineries in the world: Bordeaux and Burgundy. Undoubtedly, this allows us to state that the terroir holds the potential to yield some extraordinary wines.

VINTAGE REPORT: The Southern positioning, the sunshine that lasts over 2000 hours starting from April (the period of plant activity for the grape-vine) and the soil consisting of chernozem and limestone, offer the Budureasca’s crops a great quality that is almost impossible to achieve in other areas of the country.

WINEMAKING: To preserve flavours, the component wines from this blend was fermented at 10°C temperature and for completion of taste, Chardonnay was put in American oak barrels for six months.

ANALYSIS: Alcoholic concentration: 12,5% vol; Total Acidity (in tartric acid): 6.19; Dry: 2.68 g/l residual sugar; Quality level: DOC – CMD. 

VARIETY: Feteasca Regala (65%) and Chardonnay (35) %

TASTING NOTES: Lively green colour, a mixture of summer flowers and honey flavours. Good structure in taste, fresh and a lovely acidity in good relation with the smooth oaky taste. Fresh summer fruits evolves on the finish.

Brand of wine: Budureasca

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